Becki Séguin       

Becki Artist Bio

Bourget, ON

My artistic practice has been largely influenced by my surroundings. Growing up

on an Ontario farm in a small community, my art reflected the nature and vast

landscapes around me. Moving to downtown Montreal to study art at Concordia

University broadened my sense for diversity, which now plays a role in my work as well.

I am still true to my artistic beginnings in painting and drawing, however, I have

recently begun experimenting with light based media and the darkroom. I have also

expanded my practice into the realm of sculpture.

So far in my artistic career, I have been recognized by the rotary club for

achievement in the visual arts, and shown my work at Barnyard Studios and Gracefest

in Orleans. I hope to continue growing in the future as I complete my degree and

experiment with new techniques. My work can be found online on Instagram at

@beckimakesart, or on my website